Teston Parish Council’s role in the planning process

Maidstone Borough Council consults the Parish Council on a variety of matters including planning applications affecting the village. This means that if you submit a planning application for development of your property, or for tree works, the Parish Council will be asked to express a view as to whether it feels the development is appropriate. The Parish Council considers each application carefully. Sometimes there will be no objections to be made. On other occasions the Parish Council may have concerns about the proposals, for example the scale of the proposed development or the impact on neighbours, and will indicate to the Borough Council that it feels the development ought not to be permitted, or that it should only proceed if certain conditions are attached.
In order to discuss and agree responses to planning applications the Parish Council calls a meeting at the village hall. Responses must be made within a strict time frame which usually means that a special meeting has to be called at short notice in between the bi-monthly Parish Council meetings. Wherever possible the Parish Council seeks to ensure that at least 3 clear days notice of the meeting is given. An agenda for the meeting detailing the application(s) to be considered is displayed on the notice board outside the village hall and a copy published on the website. The meetings are open to the public.

If you are making a planning application, or if you are a neighbour affected by a planning application, and wish to know when the application will be considered by the Parish Council so that you can attend the meeting (when you would be able to address the Parish Council with your comments) then please do keep an eye on the notice board or, alternatively, you may wish to contact the Clerk who will make a note of your interest and let you know when the meeting is to take place. Bearing in mind that, as meetings are arranged at short notice, a telephone number will be required so that the Clerk may call you – a letter may not reach you in time.

Further planning information and access to details of planning applications received by Maidstone Borough Council is available via Maidstone Borough Council’s website at http://www.maidstone.gov.uk/residents/planning/planning-application-search